Alla Eddine Bekhouche
Web Developer

Having a background in both medical and computer sciences, I am looking for new opportunities in Web and Mobile application development especially in health care industry.

: 832-744-1636

: b.allaeddine@gmail.com

: Houston, TX


University of Lorraine, France

Sep 2014-Sep 2015

Masters of science, Decision support systems

This course aims to train specialists in BI (Business Intelligence) to design, manage and operate decision support information systems. Graduated with honors.

Covered materials :

University of Constantine, Algeria

Sep 2012 - Jul 2014

Masters in Information systems and Web Technologies

This course aims to train specialists in Information systems covering all the steps needed to implement a fully operational information systems from design to implementation and quality assurance. Graduated with honors (2nd in a class of 38 students)

Covered materials :

University of Constantine, Algeria

Sep 2009-Jul 2012

Bachelor of science, Information Systems and Web Technologies

This course aims to train students for basic skills of software development (OOP, Unit Tests, Assembly language, Computer Architecture), Database architectures and normalization and UML modeling

Covered materials :

University of Constantine, Faculté de médecine, Algeria

Sep 2004-Jul 2012

Doctorate of medecine

This course aims to train doctors of medicine after 6 years of academic studies and 1 year internship. it's subdivided into 4 cycles :

Pre-clinic cycle (1st and 2nd years) : Intermediate cycle (3rd year): Clinic cycle (4th,5th and 6th years): Internship (7th year):

Skill Set

Programming Languages



Android SDK
Angular 2
Backbone JS


SQL Server

Business Intelligence tools

Talend ETL
Crystal Reports

Work Experience

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Houston, Texas

Dec 2016 - Present

Web and Mobile applications Developer

As a member of e-Health team, which has a mission to develop and maintain software applications (Web and Mobile) for research.
Among my missions within this team :

  • Main developer of a telemonitoring application for a study in Orthopedic Oncology Department. This Application has two major components : Mobile (iOS) application and Admin Website.
  • Main developer of an Android application for smoking cessation study in the Behavioral sciences department.
  • Updated an existing website that interacts with Fitbit to collect participants data and show it to research team.
  • Contributed to the integration of existing web application ( http://mdanderson.org/aspirestudent) with HISD’s (Houston Independent School District) Information system which involved the collaboration of different departments. This application aims to prevent tobacco use among students.
  • Refactored an educational website for Rheumatology department.
  • Technologies used :
    * Web development :ASP .NET MVC5 , ASP.NET Web API, Bakcbone JS, MVC Javascript, Material design
    * Android Development : Android Studio, Android SDK.
    * iOS development : XCode, Swift Programming language.
    * Database : Talend ETL, SQL Server, ORACLE, SQLite, PL/SQL, SQL.
    * Source control : Microsoft TFS, GitLab, GitHub

ABTasty. Paris, France

Apr 2015 - Nov 2015

Web Developer

AB Tasty is a french startup located in Paris and specializes in web analytics, offering a powerful tool for their clients allowing them to create A/B Tests for their websites and collecting visitors data, among my responsibilities in this company I can mention :

  • Full stack development of a web application (Tag-trek.com) from database design to web pages integration that offers statistics and information about web-services and websites who are using them.
  • Helped in the refactoring of the existing tools
  • Built an ETL (Extraction, transformation and Loading) script using Python to feed a multidimensional datawarehouse dedicated to store agregated data
  • Data analysis using R language to extract association rules between webservices usage
  • Technologies used : PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, MVC design pattern,Python, R language, GitHub

Younece civile engineering office. Constantine, Algeria

Dec 2012 - Nov 2013

Web Developer

Conception and implementation of medium size information system for employees and projects' resources management using a PHP MVC framework ( CodeIgniter ) and MySQL Database and ensured the administration and maintenance of this system

Teaching hospital of Constantine. Constantine, Algeria

Jan 2012 - June 2012

Web Developer Internship

Conception and implementation of information system for patients and schedules management, using ASP.NET and SQL server for backend and Html/Javascript/CSS (bootstrap) for frontend

UpWork platform

Jan 2009 - June 2012

Software Developer freelancer

Profile Link ::https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~014ac61e9396da062c

Worked with different clients on upWork (formerly oDesk and ELance) to develop and maintain desktop applications among which I can mention :
- PDF Files forms parser.
-Tweeter API Applications.
- S3 Amazon webservice file manager
- file manager for embedded devices
Technology used : C# language and .NET frameqork